SOLO Live at SMUP [JAR007]

João Almeida - Pocket trumpet, trumpet and mute

Recorded by Cláudio Rego at SMUP Parede.
Mixed by João Almeida.
Artwork by João Almeida.

Concert promoted by Nariz Entupido
October 10th, 2020


João Almeida - trumpet
Tiago Paiva - guitar, electronics

Recorded by Tiago Paiva, November 2020 at BKK Studios, Ameixoeira.
Mixed and mastered by João Almeida.
Artwork by João Almeida.
Released March 1st, 2021

Miniatures [JAR005]

João Almeida - trumpet, objects
Pedro Massarrão - Cello

Recorded January 2021 at Av. Júlio Dinis, Campo pequeno.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by João Almeida.
Artwork by João Almeida.
Released March 1st, 2021

Live at Zaratan: Almeida | Lonberg-Holm | Pereira [JAR004]

“Lonberg-Holm distorts his cello to the point that it sounds like both a bass and an electric guitar at once; sometimes it sounds like he’s stretching giant rubber bands over the mouth of a steel barrel, with the whole junkyard assemblage mic’ed and swathed in echo and reverb. Almeida’s horn sound is clean and very dry. He occasionally rises to a passionate cry, but mostly grows and murmurs to himself, emitting long strings of notes and sometimes devolving into a gritty squall. Pereira’s drumming is post-rhythmic, with only a suggestion of timekeeping found in the way he sets up repeated small explosions.” Phil Freeman, Burning Ambulance

João Almeida - Trumpet
João Lopes Pereira - Drum set
Fred Lonberg-Holm - Cello and electronics

Recorded March 2020.
Mixed by Gordon Comstock. 
Artwork by João Almeida and Lara Maia.
Released November 23, 2020.


“If the first track keeps it playful in the end, Movement II immediately starts with a dark atmosphere. In the first 10 ’you hear little happening, a bit like with Static I, but then a cranking force emerges from the threat...” Danny de Bock, Jazzhalo

Recorded October 2020.
Mixed and mastered by João Almeida
Artwork by João Almeida.
Released November 16, 2020


“Sometimes it has something of an abstract sound design to an obscure sci-fi movie, but there is just enough dynamism to keep you on your toes (...) There is something alienating about it, as if the good-natured conviviality for which Lisbon is known was transformed into a distant trip in which the human presence was suppressed and the listener is gently cut off.” Guy Peters, Enola

Field Recording Overlap.
Olaias-Anjos 3am walk.

Recorded September 2020.
Mixed and mastered by João Almeida
Artwork by João Almeida
Released October 28, 2020


“this work may seem somewhat dry to the first approach, but it contains the most adventurous 
thing a trumpet player has ever done in Portugal.” Rui Eduardo Paes,

“The eight pieces offer distinct and bold strategies of playing or mutating the spectrum of 
sound of the trumpet, using only the trumpet and a mute. Some of the pieces focus on the 
extended techniques like «Awkward», «Membrane» or «Steps», delivered with an impressive sense 
of control and discover a myriad of weird, alien sounds. The most interesting pieces are the 
ones where the techniques serve the loose narratives and develop fragile 
dynamics, radiate nervous urgency or sketching a fragment of a story like «Points» and 
especially «Train» that imagines the rhythmic cycles and the rattling sounds of an archaic 
train, or the quiet and melancholic «Wobble» that closes this adventurous journey.” 
Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts Mag

João Almeida - trumpet and mute

Recorded March 2020 in Bairro das Colónias, Lisbon.
Recorded and mixed by João Almeida.
Artwork by João Almeida.
Released May 1, 2020