“If you were still uncertain about the relevance and the freshness of Portugal’s contributions to the worldwide jazz and improvised music circuits, this is for you: Garfo (Fork in English) is a band formed by four of the youngest generation of musicians active in the city of Lisbon. Lead by saxophonist Bernardo Tinoco, but with all members composing its repertoire, they play a empathic music with mind-puzzling structures and crossed time signatures, with lots of free improvisation to open up the frames. Coming from a family with strong ties with classical and jazz music, Bernardo has a sweet tenor sax sound rather unnusual in these domains. A former pupil of trumpeter Peter Evans, João Almeida’s sonic constructions give the maximum effect to his minimalist approach: just a few motives are enough to make a blast. Bassist João Fragoso and drummer João Sousa keep the motion with an energy that never dissolves. And that’s it: jazz turned again a music made by twenty-something years old innovators, with urgency but also a very surprising maturity. And they’re conquering the local scene, obliging the older musicians to keep the pace. It’s predictable that a new Portuguese jazz boom will come from this.”
Rui Eduardo Paes (Liner notes)

Bernardo Tinoco - tenor saxophone
João Almeida - trumpet
João Fragoso - double bass
João Sousa - drums

Recorded at N Studio, Lisbon in December 2020.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Hugo Romano.
Produced by Garfo.
Executive Production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul.
Design by Travassos.
Released June 18, 2021

CHÃO MAIOR - Drawing Circles [RVLV40]

Six of the most interesting musicians in the portuguese experimental jazz scene realize the compositions of Yaw Tembe, who has written the first rough outlines of what now became "Drawing Circles" since back in 2018. "Drawing Circles" is a place where jazz, rock, folk or kraut all come together in a flow whose course is heavily dictated by improvisation and experimentation.

Yaw Tembe - composition and trumpet 
Norberto Lobo - guitar
Ricardo Martins - drums
Leonor Arnaut - voice
João Almeida - trumpet
Yuri Antunes - trombone

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Hugo Valverde.
Fotography by Francisca Veiga
Design by
Production by Yaw Tembe
Released January 29, 2021

Fragoso Quinteto - Dura Natureza (CENA JOVEM JAZZ.PT) 

"Author music, personalized, with Fragoso's writing syncretically derived from the many songs that interest him. With João Almeida on trumpet, João Carreiro on guitar, Miguel Rodrigues on drums and Albert Cirera on tenor saxophone, this group is the result of the intersection of a series of trends. Sometimes it had a particularly suggestive melancholic melody, others in which the Blue Note sound of the 1960s resonated and still others, especially in solos, in which it flowed into the free and beyond, with, for example, Cirera introducing some of the lexicon of reductionist improvisation.
All of this within somewhat extravagant structures in its sequential relationship within the same piece, with the more conventional forays into jazz sounding fresh and unpredictable."

Rui Eduardo Paes,

Albert Cirera - Tenor Saxophone
João Almeida - Trumpet
João Carreiro - Guitar
João Fragoso - Double Bass
Miguel Rodrigues - Drums

Recorded on October 2018 during an artistic residency at Salão Brazil, Coimbra. 
Recorded by Francisco Gaspar and Rafael Silva.
Mixed and mastered by Luís Delgado.
Executive producer JACC.
Design by Joana Monteiro. 
Photography by Maria Bicker.
Released October 10, 2019.

IKB - Hippocampus guttulatus (Creative Sources)

Ernesto Rodrigues - viola             
Maria Do Mar - violin
Guilherme Rodrigues - cello
Miguel Mira - cello
Hernâni Faustino - double bass
Mariana Carvalho - piano
Miguel Almeida - acoustic guitar
Abdul Moimême - prepared electric guitar
Kriton Beyer - daxophone
Emilie Skreijelj - accordion
Etienne Brunet - harmonica
Bruno Parrinha - bass clarinet
João Almeida - trumpet
Nuno Torres - alto saxophone
Joana Sá - soprano saxophone
Pedro Frazão - euphonium
Miguel Canada - tuba
Carla Santana - electronics
Carlos Santos - electronics
Pedro Carneiro - marimba
Tom Malmendier - percussion
João Valinho - percussion

Live recording by Miguel Azguime on November 21st 2019
during the CreativeFest XIII at O'Culto da Ajuda, Lisbon.
Mix, master and graphic design by Carlos Santos.
Drawing by Dilar Pereira.
Production by Ernesto Rodrigues.
Released February 11, 2020